The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy, Hamilton

Classical Osteopathy – the schools mission of the CAO-HHS program is to provide the highest quality Osteopathic education possible.  A friendly environment with a knowledgeable and committed faculty.

Ontario Osteopathic Association

The OOA is committed to public education and professional representation of the manual osteopathic community within the Province of Ontario. The OOA controls membership with the strictest of standards. The OOA does not regulate the practice of manual osteopathy but supports an open and inclusive dialogue with practitioners, educators, associations, and government departments.

Fitness and Nutrition Guru – Toronto

If you are looking for that extra push in your workouts or wanting to get started in your fitness journey altogether, start by contacting me today for a free no-obligation fitness consultation and we’ll set you up for success in whatever goals you’ve set out to achieve.

Whether you’re interested in weight loss, toning, building muscle, strengthening, or simply feeling more comfortable in your body, this consultation is your first step to getting into the best shape of your life – no matter your age or current fitness level.

Bespoke Fit Solutions

Inspiring a lifestyle of growth and well-being for everyone!  Seasoned athletes looking for a leg up on the competition or for the dabbler in fitness and physical health!  BFS was created to enable fitness and overall health and wellness at every experience level.

We are here to be your one stop shop!  Meal prep, Personal Training, Nutrition, and more!  We want to make fitness easy for everyone’s lifestyle.  We are here to support you every step of the way, whether it’s your first step or your next step.

Birth Beginnings

Michelle Hache is a professionally trained Doula, who provides services for families in Stoney Creek, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Milton, and Mississauga.  She is very knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated to helping you make your “Birth Beginnings” a bright and positive one that you will cherish forever.

Burlington Proactive Wellness 

Burlington Proactive Wellness is a client focused, multidisciplinary, health care clinic conveniently located on Harvester Road at Walkers Line in Burlington. Our clinic incorporates current techniques with a natural approach to health care, treating a wide array of conditions in a non-invasive and holistic manner.
​Our belief is that there are many ways to improve your health. Some prefer Massage, others Osteopathy or Acupuncture.  Let us help you find what works best for your body.